Does the IPCC model need updating?

(10 August)  BLOG post: ‘Climate change and the assessment of expert knowledge: does the IPCC model need updating?‘  This commentary, prepared with a number of colleagues, appeared a few days ago on Bridges, the on-line magazine of the Office of Science and Technology, Austria.

The colour of risk: the IPCC’s ‘burning embers’ diagram

(6 October 2012)  NEW Publication: Mahony,M. and Hulme,M. (2012) ‘The colour of risk: an exploration of the IPCC’s “burning embers” diagram’  Spontaneous Generation: a Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science  6(1), 75-89.  Written with one of my PhD students, this paper examines the problems of representing visually the abstract risks associated with climate change.

IPBES: learning from the IPCC

(23 August)   IPBES: learning from the IPCC.  I have co-authored a Commentary in Nature in which we draw lessons from the IPCC experience about how knowledge, culture and policy can better be brought together in international assessments.  Turnhout,E., Bloomfield,B., Hulme,M., Vogel,J. and Wynne,B. (2012)  Conservation policy: listen to the voices of experience  Nature  488, 454-455.

What do we know about the IPCC?

NEW Publication (June).   ‘What do we know about the IPCC?’   This review article – Hulme & Mahony, 2010 – has been published on-line in the journal Progress in Physical Geography.  The article surveys all of the significant published research from the early 1990s onwards about how the IPCC works and what impacts its knowledge assessments have had. (15 June)   On the nature […]

Major Publications 2017

Hulme,M. (2017)  Calculating the incalculable: is SAI the lesser of two evils?  Ethics and International Affairs  31(4), 507-512 Hulme,M. (2017)  Climate change (concept of)  Entry in: The International Encyclopedia of Geography:  People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology  (eds.) Richardson,D., Castree,N., Goodchild,M.F., Kobayashi,A.L., Liu,W. and Marston,R.,  John Wiley & Sons, Malden, Oxford, 9,120pp.  doi: 10.1002/9781118786352.wbieg0343 Hulme,M. […]