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Updated CV – March 2014

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I have posted an updated version – March 2014 – of my CV here.

My research career narrative

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(22 December)  NEW: A personal narrative of my research career, showing how my ideas about climate change have evolved since I was an undergraduate student (1978-1981) and placing my publications into this historical account.

Bio and CV

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I have worked in the School of Environmental Sciences at University of East Anglia since 1988, following a period as lecturer in geography at the University of Salford.  I worked in the Climatic Research Unit from 1988-2000, before becoming the Founding Director (2000-2007) of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK.  Since July 2007 I have been professor of climate change in the School of Environmental Sciences, and since 2011 a member of the newly formed Science, Society and Sustainability (3S) Group). 

I have published over 130 peer-reviewed journal papers, 3 books and over 40 book chapters on climate change topics, together with over 270 reports and popular articles.  I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Wiley’s Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, launched in January 2010.  From 2004-2009 I co-edited the journal Global Environmental Change with Neil Adger and Katrina Brown and from 2006-2009 I led the EU Integrated Project ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies), which comprised a 26-member European research consortium contributing research to the development of EU climate policy. I have prepared climate scenarios and reports for the UK Government (including the UKCIP98 and UKCIP02 scenarios), the European Commission, UNEP, UNDP, WWF-International and the IPCC. I was co-ordinating Lead Author for the chapter on ‘Climate scenario development’ for the Third Assessment Report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as a contributing author for several other chapters.

I was jointly awarded the Hugh Robert Mill Medal in 1995 by the Royal Meteorological Society for work on rainfall variability and I delivered the 2005 invited Queen’s Lecture in Berlin. I am a frequent speaker about climate change at academic, professional and public events, and for the media. I pioneered and wrote a monthly climate column for The Guardian newspaper between 1988 and 2000.

Curriculum vitae

A recent version (December 2011) of my CV can be downloaded here and a personal narrative of my research career can be accessed here.

Financial Interests and Funding

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In the interests of openness and transparency I here declare my professional sources of income and the funders of my research over recent years.

I am employed by the UEA as a professor and receive a negotiable professorial salary.

I also receive an annual honorarium of £5,000 from Wiley-Blackwell in recognition of my duties as Editor-in-Chief of the journal WIREs Climate Change.

I receive, on average, aggregate payments of less than £2,000 per year for various media writings, appearances and public speaking fees, plus royalties on my book Why We Disagree About Climate Change which has sold over 13,000 copies.

I am currently a co-investigator on a £216,000 Leverhulme Trust grant and I currently supervise three PhD students two of whom are funded by the ESRC and one by the UEA.

In the last 10 years I have been principal (or co-) investigator on research grants and contracts totalling about £30 million, primarily about £16m from RCUK (for the Tyndall Centre) and around €12m from EU FP6 (for the ADAM project).  Over the last 20 years I have also received smaller research grants or contracts amounting to around £4 million from, inter alia, Defra, MAFF, DfID, WWF-International, UNDP, Scottish Executive, EU Commission, MRC, NERC, EPSRC, IPCC, Hadley Centre, Royal Society, European Environment Agency, Leverhulme Trust.  See Current Projects a more complete list.

Over the last 20 years I have also undertaken a variety of smaller consulting tasks (between £100 and £5,000) for a wide variety of organisations, many of whom are listed below: BP Amoco, CICERO/UNEP, CICERO/World Bank, Department of the Environment (UK), Global Environment Facility, Mott MacDonald/Anglian Water, Mott MacDonald/BNFL, Mott MacDonald/World Bank, Nirex, Overseas Development Institute/World Bank, Overseas Development Administration (UK), UNDP/World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, University of Reading/World Bank, Science Museum, World Commission for Dams, WS Atkins Engineering Ltd.